Thursday, September 22, 2011

Am I Pregnant?! How to Tell

Worried that you might be pregnant? How can you tell? It's important that you get medical help, and get a pregnancy test if you're worried that you might be pregnant. If you find out you are pregnant, and you are considering adoption for your child, please call 1-800-923-6784

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birth Control…There’s an app for that?

Q: I use a period tracker app on my smart phone.  I only had sex twice this last cycle and both times were on days that it said I wasn’t fertile.  I’m now pregnant and I don’t understand how this app could have been wrong. Please help.

A: Period predictor and tracker apps are free, easy, and a must-have for many smart phone equipped women.  They help track symptoms, period duration, anticipated start dates, and much more! 

What they cannot effectively predict is fertility, especially if you are using it for birth control.  Apps cannot predict how long sperm will live, how long it takes your egg to travel down the fallopian tube, accurate ovulation, or even a fertile period that is anything more than a calculated guess. 

Our bodies are each very unique.  Certainly the timing of a woman’s cycle is somewhat predictable, but relying on an app (or what amounts to a computer program) to determine what’s going on in our bodies without any biological input is a mathematical guess at best.  It simply cannot accurate predict what is going on with the limited information (usually dates) that you input.

Consider this; you are standing at a very busy intersection with heavy traffic.  You need to cross the street and you have two choices:  First, you push the button on the pedestrian console and watch (and wait) for the light to change, indicating it is safe to cross.  Or, you have just downloaded this fabulous app that is smart enough to let you know when it is safe to cross the street based. You are on the curb, what do you do?  Look at the light, street, and traffic or look at your phone?  Which do you trust more to keep you safe from a car that is running a red light – your own senses or your phone?

It’s the same when attempting to use a period tracking app for birth control.  Are you really going to trust your phone to keep you from getting pregnant? 

I’m sorry that you have had to learn the hard way that there is no app that functions as birth control.  Anytime you have sexual intercourse you risk getting pregnant, no matter what your smart phone tells you.

Friday, September 09, 2011

iPhone app "OpenAdoption" - Info on Adoption Options

OpenAdoption, one of the newest apps available in the iTunes Store, brings adoption education and pregnancy options directly to mobile devices. The free app provides not only information and help, but also links to over 150 families waiting to adopt. It enables users to learn about and explore their adoption options, search for and review families that are ready to adopt, and utilize other adoption tools. Users will be pleased with the ease of use and excellent performance offered by the developer of the app. Click to visit the iTunes store to download the OpenAdoption app. 

It also provides a full download of the book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption, that has lots of info for you if you're considering adoption because of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. The technology allows anybody to instantly and privately access adoption planning tools.

The app was the brainchild of Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. who was one of the first adoption professionals to take adoption services to the internet. Through Caldwell’s adoption center, Lifetime Adoption, she has helped thousands of women find the free and non-judgmental help they need as they consider various options for their pregnancy.

Non-iPhone users can view and use the app as a web-based version at The same functionality and usability is incorporated in this web version that works similarly to the version available in the iTunes Store.

About Lifetime Adoption: 
Lifetime Adoption Center has been providing safe and successful adoptions nationwide since 1986. Services for pregnant women or those interested in considering adoption for an older child are always available at no cost. Lifetime maintains a 24-hour adoption answer line at 1-800-923-6784 and is available on the internet at Lifetime is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and a registered adoption facilitator with the State of California.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Feeling Things Out During the First Few Months of Your Pregnancy...

There are a lot of changes happening within your body and you may feel as if your emotions are on a roller coaster ride.

This is normal. Some of your feelings may include:

• Joy and happiness
• Unstable, PMS - like symptoms
• Irritability
• Mood swings
• Irrationality
• Weeping
• You may feel scared, alone or angry.

During these first two months it is important to be gentle with yourself. If you need to talk with someone, Pregnancy Help Online is just a phone call away at 1-800-923-6784.