Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Book for Pregnant Teens!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Story: I Just Wasn't Positive I Was Actually Pregnant

This girl wanted to share her story, in hopes that it will help others.

"Like a lot of girls my age, I have been in some really physical relationships. While I'm not necessarily proud of my actions, I don't regret being with my boyfriends or anything. I only regret that I may have gotten caught up in this situation where I might be pregnant. I didn't really want that to happen.

So, I did what most people probably do. I took a pregnancy test. But, the line was so light that I couldn't tell if it was actually even there! It was pretty confusing and at that point, I really just wanted to know whether or not I was prego. Instead of getting all worked up though, I just relaxed and waited for a couple of days. Then, I took another test. This time, the line was darker, but I was not going to trust that test 100%..."

Visit PregnancyHelpOnline.com to read the rest of her story.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is Your Due Date?

Do you know what your due date is? You can find it quickly and easily by using this handy online calculator.

Enter your pregnancy information on this pregnancy calculator and it will provide an estimated conception date, due date and current fetal age.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm Pregnant...Advice Needed!

Dear Jewelz,
i need advice about my pregnancy... i am 17 yrs old i am 5 months pregnant, and lately i feel like my world is falling apart. I have so much stress on me, i don't have a job and neither does my boyfriend. i am about to graduate in 4 months, i still live with my parents, and so does my boyfriend we have been together for 6 yrs i love him... we just don't have money for the baby. he has been trying to look for a job , but no luck. his parents are not supportive at all it's like if they don't care i have also been looking for a job, but no one wants to hired me because of the stage am in.. my only plans are to continue with my school and not give up..
-Shawna, 17

Dear Shawna,
First of all, have you considered adoption at all? Many teens don't want to choose that choice but it truly is the best when you cant support a baby financially. It is hard but in the long run it can be the very best thing. Second of all, your not alone in this, many teens go through this, not having a job, enough money, support. Its a very hard time in your life. Its good your boyfriend is looking for a job. Do you or him have a friend's parents he can work for? Check out all your resources. All you can really do from now until the pregnancy is be strong and pray that your boyfriend can find a job quickly! Don't get too stressed about all of this because the stress can affect the baby. They sense it. So be careful :)