Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Is My Baby Growing? All About Fetal Development

How Is My Baby Growing? All About Fetal Development

Nine months seems like a long time to be pregnant, and any pregnant woman will tell you that it can feel like forever, but growing a person takes time!

Once you understand what is going on “in there” during pregnancy, you will see why.

3 – 8 weeks Pregnant
By three weeks, the baby has a heartbeat! At four weeks, eyes have begun to show and tiny arm and leg buds are growing. By five weeks of pregnancy, the woman has missed her first period. The face is forming and so is the brain. At six weeks, fingers are forming and by seven weeks, the feet form, with toes still needing to be formed.By eight weeks all the parts that form a human being are on the baby – just very tiny – about the size of a kidney bean!"

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Period Is Late, Am I Pregnant?

Every woman will to have different bodily signs to show if she is pregnant. The most common pregnancy sign is a delayed or missed menstrual cycle. It is important to understand pregnancy symptoms because the symptom may be related to something other than pregnancy.

You may develop pregnancy symptoms as often as one week after conception. Some women will not develop pregnancy symptoms at all.Some common pregnancy symptoms are:

  • Spotting

-Caused by the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall

-It usually occurs 6-12 days after conception.

-This may include light bleeding and cramping.

-Other explanations for spotting could be your actual period is coming, changes in hormones, or changes in birth control pill.

  • Missed or Different Period

-If you have missed your period, you could take an over the counter pregnancy test to help determine if you are pregnant or not

-Many women will still have a period even though they are pregnant

-Some women will continue menstruation through several months of their pregnancy

-Light bleeding during the first menstruation period after becoming pregnant is common

-Other explanations for missed or different periods are weight changes, hormonal problems, tension, birth control pills, and stress

  • Tender Breasts

-Usually 1 to 2 weeks after conception, a woman may notice changes in their breasts

-Darkening of the areolas, the skin around the nipples, may also occur in the early stages of pregnancy

  • Fatigue

-Feeling tired is a common symptom of early pregnancy

-Other explanations can include stress, depression, a cold or flu, or other illness

  • Nausea or Vomiting

-Usually begin between 2 and 8 weeks after conception

-Some women will never deal with it and others start to get sick very early on in their pregnancy

  • Backaches

-It is common to experience back pain throughout a pregnancy as your body adjusts

-Other explanations are stress, PMS, or physical strain

  • Headaches

-The changing of hormones can cause headaches

-Other mental strains or eye problems can also be an explanation

  • Frequent Urination

-Usually occurs around 6-8 weeks after conception as the uterus pushes on the bladder

-Other explanations are urinary tract infections, or possibly other medical problems

  • Food Cravings

-You may crave a specific food, not necessarily pickles and ice cream

-May have an aversion to certain foods

-Other explanations are poor diet or lacking of a certain nutrient, also stress and depression.

Pregnancy symptoms can be similar to other medical issues. If you think you are pregnant, you can first take an over the counter test. Pregnancy tests are very accurate and if the test says you are pregnant, you probably are. If the pregnancy test comes back negative and you still have not received your period after another 5 days, you should retake the test. It is possible you took the test too early before. If you still have not had your period, it is important to see your doctor; you may be pregnant or have another medical issue.

If you should suspect or discover you are pregnant, it is very important that you make an appointment to see your health care provider. Prenatal care is essential for both you and your baby’s health. Today there are many options available if you have an unplanned pregnancy.You can visit for more information on adoption, and to chat live. In today’s adoption world, you can choose how involved you want to be with the adoptive family. Open adoption offers women the option of finding a forever family for their baby, while maintaining contact through letters and pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Are The Early Signs of Pregnancy?

You woke up this morning feeling a little run down, the thought crosses your mind—I wonder what the early signs of pregnancy are? Yikes! Your mind races back a few days, then weeks. Of course, pregnancy comes with some very obvious signs, such as a missed period, but you may want to look for some not-so-obvious signs. So, take a deep breath and let’s go over them.

A missed period alone does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. Sometimes stress can cause your menstrual cycle to become irregular. Excessive exercise, a new job, a move, a recent breakup or a change in medication might also disturb your cycle. But if you have other signs in addition to a missed period, you may want to consult your healthcare provider.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

How much does it cost to raise a child?

Do you know how much it costs to raise a child from birth to age 18? You might be surprised to find out!

Single parent: $122,590
2 Parents: $130,800

$46,000 in housing
$27,000 in food
$16,000 in transportation
$9,000 in clothing
$7,000 in healthcare
$9,000 in childcare and education
$10,000 miscellaneous expenses

And this is just the bare minimum. This does not include any special gifts, or if your child gets very ill, or the cost of any additional education, like if you want your child to go to college.

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