Wednesday, March 29, 2006

2006 International Sketch Comedy Championship

A portion of the proceeds of the 2006 International Sketch Comedy Championship will benefit Lifetime Adoption Foundation.

Both of the co-directors of this comedy competition have been affected by adoption. Paul Lawrence is adopting a child from Peru, and Kitania Kavey was herself adopted as a young child. We will donate a portion of our proceeds to the Lifetime Adoption Foundation to help them with their national outreach program educating the public and professionals about the benefits of adoption.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fiction or Fun to Have a Baby at 15

Greetings! I got this recently and thought I would share it. Good story!

I remember when I wanted to have a baby so bad. I was fifteen years old and could not stop thinking about how happy a baby would make me. My friend Kim had a baby when she was a teenager and it looked like she was always having fun. She would bring the baby out with her and everyone was always paying attention to the two of them. I just wanted people to pay attention to me like that.

A baby would love me no matter what and that would feel really good to know that there was someone in this world that would always love me. And it really wouldn’t be that hard to take care of a baby. I mean they are so little how much work could they really be? Just feed them a bottle and change their diapers and they are happy.

I even talked to my boyfriend about what we would do if I got pregnant. He said he would stay with me and help take care of the baby. He even thought he would get a good job and we could move in together.

But then I got pregnant. My mom and dad were actually trying to be cool. They were really mad, but didn’t throw me out of the house or anything. My boyfriend was totally there for me while I was pregnant. Then my daughter was born. She was born early and had to stay in intensive care for a couple weeks. When I finally brought her home, she was hooked up to a machine to monitor her breathing. My boyfriend tried to come over when he could, but that was only about once a week.

When my daughter was off her monitors, I was ready to go back to school. I had to find daycare, which cost me more than I could make at a part-time job. My boyfriend sent me some money to help, but it barely covered the cost of diapers and baby formula. So I finally had to drop out of high school because there was no way I could afford to be at school all day and working all night.

My daughter is 5 now and I am still living at home. I thought I would be able to get a job and support my daughter, and me. But I can’t pay the bills without my parents help. I’m hoping that this year I will be able to get my GED and maybe go to community college. My boyfriend has a new girlfriend and is now a junior at a college on the east coast. He sends money when he can, but that is not very often.

If I could talk to myself when I was fifteen and wanting a baby, I would explain all the costs that really go with having a baby. I would talk about the sleepless nights and how hard it was to get daycare. I would especially try to convince myself not to have a baby until I was married. I wish I had someone around, when I was younger, that would have told me how hard being a teenage mother really was. Abortion was not an option for me, but adoption should have been, and it could be your perfect option too.

Nicole Davis

Mardie here...If you are pregnant and want to talk to someone that won't judge you and help you sort out your options, call the Adoption Answer Line at 1-800-923-6784. {1-800-9-ADOPT-4} They can help you learn more about your options, housing suggestions, and more. Or visit