Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Do I Tell Him I'm Pregnant?

Our peer counselor for pregnant teens, Jewelz, was recently asked this question. I wanted to share it with you here in hopes that it may help you in your unplanned pregnancy as well:

Q: I found out recently that I am parents know but my boyfriend doesn’t. I know I need to tell him but he has a bad temper and I’m scared. What do I do?

A: Sit him down with your parents and tell him. That may help him be more calm and not rage at you. Just be strong and do what you need. Have you talked to your parents about how to go about telling him? They may have some good tips.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fifteen and Pregnant? Get Info on All Pregnancy Options

If you're a teenager who has just found out she's pregnant, or is worried that you might be, there is a new website out there created especially for you:

This new pregnancy options website covers all topics related to an unplanned pregnancy during your teen years, such as how to afford to raise a baby, how to find time to finish high school as you're pregnant, and how to tell your parents you're pregnant. You can even chat live online with someone who can answer your pregnancy questions quickly and confidentially. So visit today!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking for Adoptive Parents for your Baby?

When thinking about adoption, many women want to find an adoptive family of a specific race for their baby or older child. At, you can view waiting families depending on what you are looking for in adoptive family.

If you've just discovered that you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and would you like to find out more about the choice of open adoption, will be an excellent resource for you. On this site, you can learn more about adoptive families who are seeking to adopt. Find Parent Profiles has adoptive families of all races, backgrounds, and ages who are ready and available to adopt your baby now.  Maybe you’re considering making an adoption plan for your toddler, older child, or children. Find Parent Profiles is here to help you find out about the many options available to you in open adoption.

If you have any questions about making an adoption plan, you can call 1-800-923-6784 at any time, 24/7. Find Parent Profiles is happy to help you throughout your adoption journey. Whether you are looking to make an adoption plan for your baby, toddler, child, or sibling group of children, you can find an adoptive family that meets your requests at

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Got a Positive Pregnancy Test? Determine Your Due Date

Positive pregnancy test
Have you just gotten a positive pregnancy test and would like to find out your baby's due date? Visit and enter your pregnancy information to a short form. It will calculate and provide you with an estimated conception date, due date and current fetal age.

Questions about your due date? Or about the options you have at this stage in your pregnancy? Call Pregnancy Help Online at 1-800-923-6784 anytime.

DISCLAIMER: This test is a simple mathematical calculation and should not be used to replace a urine or blood test for pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant, contact your doctor. This test does not imply or suggest the medical diagnosis of pregnancy. The resulting report should not be considered medical advice.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

16 and Pregnant...What Should I Do?

Here's a question that I just received from a girl...I wanted to share it with you here in hopes that it may help you in your unplanned pregnancy as well:

Q: I am 6 months pregnant and still haven't decided whether I’m going to keep the baby or put the baby up for adoption. My mom is encouraging me to consider adoption. I'm adopted so she believes in it strongly. But my boyfriend wants me to keep it so I’m stuck in the middle. What do I do?

A: Nobody can choose for you. You're the mother and have the ultimate choice. So really think it through...are you ready to care for a child at your age? Adoption is a wonderful thing because you can trust that a family will take great care of your baby and you can still see him/her as they grow up, an open adoption. Being so young and having a baby is no fun after a while, it's a TON of responsibility and you loose your childhood. So really think about whether your committed to give up your youth for a baby or if you want older people whom are ready to care for your baby. If you'd like to learn more about the choice of adoption for your baby, visit You can chat live with an adoption specialist with your adoption questions, or call them at 1-800-923-6784.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

In College and Pregnant? College Pregnancy Help is Here!

Are you in college? Have you just found out you’re pregnant? Maybe you’ve recently had unprotected sex and you’re worried you might get a positive pregnancy test. The new website, is here to help!

The site includes pregnancy tips, articles on pregnancy choices, as answers to questions you may have. Trying to attend college while parenting is very difficult. Taking care of a new baby is very time-consuming, and raising a child on your own successfully is a full-time job! Find info on other options at

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Learning More About an Adoption Plan for your Baby: Birthmother Articles

If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy, you can learn tons about the choice of adoption for your baby at This site has tons of articles, help and information for you. Article topics include your baby's development, your many choices in open adoption, and more!

Go to to check it out; they're here to help you get answers to your adoption questions!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Resource for your Baby's Daddy: Birthfather Questions

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, both you and your baby's father have options, so it's best to find the answers to your questions and then make the decision that is best for you, your situation, and your baby. There are questions you should be asking yourself before you make any decisions. The new website helps your guy as he asks himself questions about what to do.

For a guy, it can be difficult to step back and really think about how to be a father. If you find that this is not someone that you feel would be a good person in your child’s life you have options. Maybe it is time to think about open adoption and what doors you might be opening for your child.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why Would She Choose Adoption?

If you've just found out you're pregnant and aren't quite ready to be a mom yet, the choice of adoption may have crossed your mind. You might be wondering, "why do women choose adoption for their baby? That seems like giving up, like giving her baby away!"

There are many reasons women look to adoption. It is a choice that is the right one for many women, but it is never an easy decision. Here are some reasons women have for choose adoption:
  • Don’t have any money
  • Not ready to be a mom
  • Plans for college and career
  • Desire for their child to have a two-parent household
  • Difficult situations such as mental illness or a jail sentence
You can find out more about the choice of adoption by calling the National Adoption Hotline at 1-800-923-6602. Help is available 24/7!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Considering Adoption? Check out Lifetime Adoption Magazine!

If you're facing an unplanned or unintended pregnancy, you may be considering adoption. With open adoption today, you can choose the adoptive parents for your baby, as well as the amount of contact you'd like to keep throughout the years.

To check out adoptive families and read what they're all about, check out Lifetime Adoption Magazine. This publication is free to women considering adoption. The magazine provides letters from adoptive families and articles on pregnancy tips. Get your free copy today at!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant?

Are you a teen who's just found out she's pregnant? Freaked out about breaking the news to your parents? You may feel like you're not ready to be a mom yet, or have to make some decisions that you know one way or another you are going to have to make. It's overwhelming. It's scary.
And, more than anything, you feel alone.

For confidential help today, check out this new site: It provides you with free tips on how to break the news of your pregnancy to your parents. Gain the tools you need to determine the pregnancy choice that is right for you! You may feel trapped, but you aren't. You have choices and we can help you figure out the best one for you. To get help right now, you can also call them at 1-800-923-6784.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm 16 and We're in Love...Are We Ready to Be Parents?

Society has used to be that it was "bad" to have a baby as a teenager. Today, plenty of girls have babies and they make it seem so simple to parent. Just watch an episode of MTV's "16 and Pregnant." There is a lot of pressure from other kids to have sex and to have a baby. Are you sure you're ready to be a mom?

Here are some things you may be wondering about if you're a pregnant teen considering parenting your baby, written by Kylie, 16:

1. Morning sickness?!
Who would want to be sick? Would you be able to handle all of that puking and being nauseous? Plus, what if it lasts throughout the whole pregnancy?

2. I've heard most girls about 30 pounds and their face plumps up.

Will you be able to look cute in maternity clothes? Doubtful! I haven't seen too many people look cute during their pregnancy. I don't want my face to change. Will I end up with a nose that swells and then never goes back to the right size? Will that "mask" that people talk about leave me 3 or 4 shades darker. I like the way that I look now. Why would I want to change?

3. Delivery a baby hurts.

Some people have even told me that they had pain while they were pregnant, when they had the baby, and after they had the baby. Would I be able to deal with all of that pain?

4. Responsibility for a little human being...I never had to be in charge of anything.
How in the world would I raise a child? I don't even know any babies. Don't babies need all types of stuff like diapers and baby milk? I'm still dealing with my own issues around doing the "right" thing. How in the world could I tell a child what to do if I can't even do the right thing like I'm supposed to all of the time?

5. I can't stand the sound of babies crying.
How can somebody deal with all of that crying, whining, and noise?!? It's not like it's the latest song. It's crying, and lots of it! What's fun about that? Plus, how would I get a baby that can't talk or do stuff for itself to stop when I get tired of hearing it? What if that baby gets sick? I think that would be too much to manage.

Other girls make having a baby seem like the cool thing to do. I don't think that it is. I have heard of girls getting pregnant and then not knowing what they could do about it. I would think that it would be really hard to make the decision between having an abortion, placing your baby for adoption, and possibly even keeping it. Before I get myself in to that situation, I'm going to really think about this pregnancy thing and all of the stuff, and of course changes, that it could cause in my life.

-by Kylie, 16

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Many Benefits of Open Adoption

Unlike years past, today's adoption has taken on a new face. No longer is everything done in secrecy to where the mother never has the pleasure of looking upon the face of her newborn child.

Many women who have thought of placing their child for adoption have found they are put off by the many inaccurate images that the word “adoption” brings to mind.

There was a time when a birth mother (the biological mother) would hear the word “adoption” and envision her child being snatched away soon after birth to disappear into oblivion; resulting in the fact that she would never know for sure that she had done the right thing. Fortunately, today the face of adoption has been dramatically altered with the practice of Open Adoption.

Open Adoption is beneficial to all who are involved, but most of all it is beneficial to the child. Click to continue reading about open adoption...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What to Do When Your Friends Say You Shouldn't Place Your Baby for Adoption

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is one of the heart-wrenching yet courageous decisions you can make. Your pregnancy may have come from a moment of passion, but you are now burdened with a lifelong commitment – one that you cannot maintain due to your circumstances.

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy goes through a lot of emotions – helplessness, unworthiness, depression, anger, self-doubt, and above all guilt. As you battle with all these emotions, you must also deal with your changing body and hormones including the life that is growing inside you with every passing day. What must you do with the baby? Do you have the inner strength to place your baby for adoption? Is it even right to make your baby someone else's responsibility? What if the adoptive family doesn't treat your baby right? In addition, you may be surrounded by friends from school or college who will offer a lot of unsolicited advice. They may encourage you to keep your baby because you are its 'real' mother. The first thing you need to do is forgive yourself. When you repent and confess the ungodly mistakes of your past, God is quick to forgive. Have you really forgiven yourself for the circumstance you are in now?

Secondly, you must be willing to shut out all the voices screaming at you, including your own feelings and emotions. Your friends may not be the best people to help you choose as they are not emotionally invested in your situation. Instead, open your heart to God and ask Him to show you what He wants you to do with the baby. God's Word offers health to a person's entire flesh (Proverbs 4:22) and that includes your mind and emotions as well. As you seek His guidance and strength, allow yourself to consider where you are in your life. Are you ready to be a single mother? Do you have the necessary mental, physical, educational, and financial resources to provide the life that your baby deserves? If not, adoption is the best way to ensure that your baby grows up in a loving and secure family. Here's a great resource that will help you reach a godly decision concerning your baby: You can also speak to other birth mothers who can help you deal with your pregnancy.

Adoptive families are 'real' families too. There are many Christian couples who have adopted children into their own fold and treat them as their own. They provide the necessary love, faith, hope, and values your baby will need as he or she grows up to face the world. Consider it as a God-given choice to turn your mistake into a miracle and a blessing.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

How Will I Explain Adoption to My Family?!

Are you making an adoption plan for your baby or child and wondering how you can explain it to your family? Watch this short video to learn how:
How Do I Explain Adoption to My Family? by ncgoldca86